Background.    The NASA Safety Culture Survey process was designed to provide Center Directors with a tool to receive real-time feedback on attitudes and perceptions regarding safety culture. A goal of this survey is to identify and correct latent organizational conditions that may lead to accidents. Following survey administration, the Center Director and Center Safety Culture Point of Contact will receive the results. The survey helps identify safety concerns so leaders can develop and implement strategies to improve the organization's safety.

Policy.    The following policy has been established regarding the NASA Safety Culture Survey process.
  • Anonymity - An individual must be free to respond without fear of reprisal, whether the fear is real or perceived. Without this, the data gathered may be inaccurate and of minimal use. Only the safety culture survey administrators have access to the survey data. With the exception of the safety culture survey administrators, individual survey participants and their responses will not be identified, and this will only be used for survey analysis.

  • Access - The survey can be taken from any computer or mobile device with Internet access at home or at work.

  • Results - Each Center Director and POC will get their results after the survey closes. Feedback will be provided based on the Center Director's direction. No results will be shown of any demographic with 5 or fewer people.

  • Participation - All employees, both Civil Service and Contractor, are encouraged to participate.